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Information on this Website Is Not A Substitute For Medical Advice From Your Health Care Provider(s)

Lorna Cassano, CHC, Certified Health Coach, is not a counselor, psychologist, or physician and does not diagnose or treat any medical or behavioral health condition. The health coaching services, and all information provided on this website are not a substitute for the advice and recommendations of your physician and/or other healthcare professionals. Lorna Cassano’s role as a certified health coach is to partner with clients, to provide ongoing support, education and accountability as they create an action plan to meet and maintain their health goals.

The services, programs, and information provided by Lorna Cassano, CHC, Health Coach, are NOT physical therapy services. In working with clients as a certified health coach, Lorna Cassano, CHC is NOT diagnosing or treating physical therapy disorders.

The role of Lorna Cassano, CHC, certified health coach, is to assist clients in reaching their health and wellness goals, but success depends primarily on the client's effort, commitment, and follow through. Clients of Lorna's Holistic Health Coaching, LLC are expected to fully participate in this process by being available for appointments and taking actions that support their personal health goals. Lorna Cassano, CHC, cannot and does not guarantee any particular result or outcome. As with any health-related program, results may vary, and will be based on many factors, including but not limited to starting point, life experience, genetic profile, and level of commitment.

Lorna's Holistic Health Coaching, LLC disclaims any and all liability and/or loss resulting from utilization of health coaching services provided by Lorna Cassano, and/or any information on this website. The client assumes all risk associated with the utilization of the health coaching services provided by Lorna Cassano, CHC. Lorna Cassano, CHC, is not responsible for any of the personal actions or choices made by clients before, during or after any of her coaching programs. The client understands that the use of any recipe, recommendation, or suggestion is at his or her own risk, with no liability on the part of Lorna Cassano, CHC or Lorna’s Holistic Health Coaching, LLC. The client's use, or non-use, of this information is at his or her own risk, and the client absolves Lorna Cassano, CHC, and Lorna's Holistic Health Coaching, LLC, of any liability or loss that I may incur from my use or non-use of the information provided.

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